Research Projects

Since the late 1980s we have been studying the behaviour and ecology of the Great Bustard in Spain. The results of our research projects are increasing the scientific knowledge of this species, and hel wildlife managers to establish conservation plans.

Objectives of the project:

  • To study all relevant aspects of the biology of the Great Bustard and use it as a model species to investigate adaptations derived from the strong sexual selection that has been operating through its evolutionary history, e.g. sexual dimorphism and sexual segregation, reproductive behaviour, juvenile dispersal, or partial and differential migration
  • To census the Great Bustard population in Spain, and to obtain reliable data on relevant demographic parameters (productivity, mortality, longevity)
  • To develop predictive models on the most important behavioural patterns, as well as on habitat use and metapopulation dynamics both at local and national scales; these models will represent the basis for management and conservation plans of this endangered bird species

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